Excellence Through Performance

Professional Claims Solutions was started by President Steven E. Lee and employs a full-time, all-star staff of experienced, professional, career oriented investigators. We hire only the most qualified personnel and pay them above-industry average. This allows us to settle for nothing less than the best results. Our staff is dedicated to their work, loyal to the company and clients, and remains with us for the long-term!

Our endless training of field staff and management ensures everyone is skilled in all types of investigations, knowledgeable in all industry terminology and comprehends the legalities of the cases they handle.

Innovation & Creativity

Through cutting-edge computer capabilities, investments in the most recent covert\camera equipment and a sense of responsibility to create products and databases that can be used to make your job easier, Professional Claims Solutions is the innovative leader in the industry! When you have more questions than answers, give us a call! Our dedicated staff will not rest until every question is answered or all avenues have been exhausted.

“Whether it’s a field assignment or a desktop investigation, we’ll put our product up against any other! Our reputation in the industry is our standard for evaluating success!” – Steven E. Lee, President, Professional Claims Solutions, Inc

Find out why the leading insurance and legal professionals trust us to be the solution.