Better decisions require better data

Making accurate assessments on the validity of a claim requires precise collection and data validation. Today, most initial claim assessments include a digital profile. Unfortunately, most of the other “name brand” digital investigation products only provide a small portion of the available information needed to make sound judgments.

Our Social Profiling Online Tracking or S.P.O.T. program will locate and retrieve information to best provide you with an in depth look at your subject’s prior and current activities, plus insights into their future plans.

The leading Social Profiling Online Tracking tool

S.P.O.T. is an advanced digital platform that provides unmatched decision making insights at a price your claims manager will appreciate.

Reports and Confirms

Get the most complete Litigant/Claimant Profile available without field work. Our competitors’ social investigations are narrowly focused on Facebook & Twitter, leaving significant data behind that our Social Profiling Online Tracking will dig up, including:

  • Nationwide criminal, judgment, lien and bankruptcy information
  • Thorough audit of social media profiles, blog mentions, news articles and advertising
  • Identify immediate family members and associates of the subject to provide a broad platform for a thorough digital profile
  • Financial Snapshot
  • Combines numerous PRDs (Public Record Databases) with Internet research to confirm not just report

When do Insurers use S.P.O.Ts Networks and Internet Search Engine Research?

Take advantage of Social Profiling Online Tracking! Insurers nationwide are using S.P.O.T. to:

  • To Maximize Field Results
  • To Manage a Reduction in Reserves
  • To Decrease Investigation/Surveillance Expenses
  • To Support other Investigative Services
  • For Defense Council during DEPS/EBT’s/EUO’s

Get the most robust, accurate digital profile at one low, all-inclusive price. For details or to order a S.P.O.T. investigation, call us now at 877-277-2008 or contact us online.

A Word From Our Client

“As a litigation attorney, often times the success of a case depends largely on variables beyond my control. It is nice to know that when I turn to the folks at Professional Claims Solutions for my investigative and surveillance needs, they understand what’s at stake and the quality of their work reflects that.”

Kevin J. O’Donnell, Esq.
Kenny & Zonghetti

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