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Professional Claims Solutions offers the most extensive Desktop/Background/Litigation Management Investigative program in the industry. Our Information Specialists handle the simplest locate to the most complex Asbestos Exposure Tort on a daily basis. Due to our reputation Professional Claims Solutions has been retained and invited to the most exclusive conferences to speak on Desktop Investigations and How to Apply the Information to your Claims File. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Locates
  • Asset Discovery
  • Litigation Management Systems
  • Injury Backgrounds
  • S.P.O.T.
  • Jury Social Media Research
  • Financial Backgrounds
  • SIU Desktop Training
  • Medical Treatment Sweeps
  • Claimant/Subject Profiles
  • Much much more…

Field Coverage Area:

Professional Claims Solutions field services New Jersey, New York, Eastern Pennsylvania and Northern DE.

A Word From Our Client

“As a litigation attorney, often times the success of a case depends largely on variables beyond my control. It is nice to know that when I turn to the folks at Professional Claims Solutions for my investigative and surveillance needs, they understand what’s at stake and the quality of their work reflects that.”

Kevin J. O’Donnell, Esq.
Kenny & Zonghetti

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