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A significant “jump” occurs when authorized surveillance time is extended from one to two days. This is primarily because the first day of surveillance for an investigator tends to be dedicated to “homework.”

This homework is conducted on a wide variety of aspects and details, including, but not limited to, the neighborhood layout, set-up, observing and identifying motor vehicles associated to the subject’s household, or understanding the ‘comings and goings’ of all of the residents of the home, particularly when similarly aged relatives of the same gender occupy the same residence.

In the case of a Two-Day allowance, this normally leaves one full day to be PURELY dedicated to surveillance and the chances of obtaining video on the subject increase drastically.

Of course, there is also a clear advantage when time is authorized beyond three days and a failure to obtain video of the subject is highly unusual.

  • In 59% of the instances where video was obtained, subjects were found performing SIGNIFICANT physical activity or to be gainfully employed (worker’s comp cases).
  • Average of 21 minutes of video per case.
  • Numerous Defense Verdicts, resulting in tens of millions of dollars in savings for insurance carriers and self-insureds.
  • Average report generated to client from time of case intake is 16.74 days. (RUSH cases handled according to client needs).

A Word From Our Client

“On April 19, 2004, an Amtrak train struck the rear of a LIRR train as it was stopped preparing to go into Penn Station, New York. This resulted in approximately 170 personal injury claims… We contacted Steven Lee, he and his team immediately responded…

Their professionalism, spirit of teamwork, and willingness to do whatever is necessary conservatively resulted in a claims payout savings of 4 to 5 million dollars.”

Thomas W. Pazsik
Manager Claim Services, Amtrak

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